Lady Trojan Volleyball vs. North Brunswick

Faith Gunther, Staff Writer

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The Lady Trojan’s huddling up before the start of the game against North Brunswick.

Devin Simcox, a senior, getting down and ready for North to serve the ball over the net.

Junior, Alexis Dombrowski, getting ready to serve the ball.

Lacey Clemmons, a junior, popping the ball over the net.

Leanna Mintz, a senior, enjoying her time out on the court.

Junior, Blake Durham, preparing to serve the ball.

Kayden Cupid, a freshman on the team, jumping up to hit the ball.

Coach Pardee observing the game, ready to lead the team on what to do next.

Clemmons, serving the ball.

Sophomore, Brianna Leonard, prepares to serve the ball.