Diversity in Religion


Faith Gunther and Randall Warren

Like many schools, at West Brunswick, there is a vast amount of diversity within different cultures, belief and ethical systems. Often, some beliefs get overlooked and are not understood well.

“I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints,” said senior AJ Babson. “It sets morals, standards that I continue to follow so that I am worthy to do the things that are asked of me.” 

Like other Christian denominations, Mormons believe in the Ten Commandments and the Bible, but also study the Book of Mormon. 

“We use the King James Version of the Bible, but the Book of Mormon is another book of Jesus Christ that coincides with the Bible,” said Babson. “We believe that Christ came into the Americas and set apart apostles, and that’s what the Book of Mormon is based on.”

Along with Mormonism, other religions have a presence at West Brunswick. More specifically, Judaism, which has a larger following than Mormonism, but is evenly represented here.

“Christians believe that Jesus is the son of God and that He is the savior, but Jews believe that we’re still waiting on the Messiah,” said Junior Ryan Connick. “I was born into it because religion runs on the mother’s side.”

There are differences in Christianity and Judaism, but when it comes to families that practice both religions, there are ways to accommodate both.

“How my family works is half of us are Christian, and half of us are Jewish, so we kinda mix it up,” said Connick. “Basically, all we celebrate is Hanukkah, but we also celebrate Christmas and Easter.”

These are just two examples of diversity in religion represented here at West. There are many other religions, along with these, to discover and learn more about.