JV Trojans defeat North 52-18

Huge W for the JV Trojans football team


The JV Trojan football team blows out North Brunswick 52-18. The Trojans large lead at half lead to some unfamiliar faces getting into the game. This was a key game for the Trojans as they have a positive record for the first this season.

Corbin Skipper and Robert Lanny watching the game
Some of the Varsity Players watching the game.
The JV Trojans running onto the field to start the game
Coach Hickman enjoying the game.
Coach McKenzie and Coach Tutterrow talking about the game
Some of the varsity players posing for a picture
Receiver Manny Hankins blowing by a defender.
Two players colliding near the sideline.
Coach Woody instructing his linemen about where to be.
Kevon Daniels gunning for the endzone.