The Life of a Student-Athlete: The Truth


Photo by Teagan Coley

Sophomore Lacrosse Player, Elizabeth Norfleet poses for the camera with her lacrosse equipment and binder.

Teagan Coley, Staff Writer


High School is one of the best times of a person’s life, but it can be far from easy. From stressing out about a math test you forgot to study for, or trying to figure out what to wear to a football game, the overall pressure can be a little hard to handle. The fun you have over your four years depends on what activities you participate in. Whether you get to school early for club meetings or stay after late for band practice, extracurricular activities are essential to having a good time and building a resume. The most common extra curricular in high school are sports, and everyone has a different opinion on them. Some people say they take up too much time and are taken way too seriously, while others say that they are essential to their survival. One thing everyone can agree on is that being a student-athlete is not easy, and the stigma surrounding it can be physically, if not mentally exhausting.