Anika’s journey to artistic success

Anika (Ani) Beecher, Class of 2020, becomes an entrepreneur, selling her art.


LeAnna Mintz, Staff Writer

In high school, it can be difficult to balance school life and a job, so to make it easier, a talented student at West Brunswick decided to put her skills to the test and start making and selling her own art. Anika Beecher has been working her entire life to get to the point she’s at now.
“I started selling art at the beginning of the summer,” said Beecher. “It’s something I enjoy doing, something I’m good at.”
It takes a lot of work to get to where she is at. You can’t just pick up a brush and expect to know what you’re doing. The skill that she has chosen to pursue takes a lifetime of practice.
“I have been into art since I was little,” said Beecher. “To improve my craft I just practice painting and spend time with it. You gotta connect with it.”
Beecher’s sales have slowly reached a larger group of customers so with that comes more responsibility.
“I have three orders right now and two of them are selling for $140 and the other is going for $320,” said Beecher. “I wouldn’t say it’s insane, but I always have a waiting list.”
The reason she is able to work so well is because she loves doing it. She puts her heart and soul into every piece of art she paints making them all special.
“I do it for the people and to make them happy,” said Beecher. “It’s nice knowing I can do something for people that they will hopefully cherish.”