Artists You Aren’t Listening To But Should Be

If you’re in need of new music, worry no more! I have chosen a few artists that are well worth a listen!


Photo by Katelyn Lewis

Putting music on full blast and jamming to your favorite music is always the best!

Katelyn Lewis, Staff Writer

When it comes to music, there are so many different artists and genres to choose from. Many people tend to overlook some unknown or unrecognized artists and don’t give them a chance to show their potential. I have chosen a few artists that should be recognized for their music.

My first artist choice is Lennon Stella. If you’re looking for any sort of relationship-type, lovey-dovey, feel-good style song, her music is just for you. She knows just how to create a good beat while also writing meaningful lyrics. Her top three songs that you should definitely take a listen to are:

  • “La Di Da”. This song has a catchy chorus while also incorporating thoughtful lyrics. With verses like “You’re someone else in this light” and “ You’re gonna say something, you don’t mean” it’s hard to not like this song. 
  • The next two songs are called “Breakaway” and “Kissing Other People”. Both of these songs have very slow sounds which help add to their appeal.  Although Lennon Stella doesn’t have many songs out, the few she does are well worth the time.

My second artist choice is lovelytheband. This is an alternative group with very happy-sounding music. 

  • One of their better and most popular songs is called “Broken”. This song is very upbeat and a great song to sing to. With the rest of their “Finding It Hard To Smile” album following the same upbeat and happy sounds, it’s hard not to enjoy their music. 
  • Two more worth-a-listen songs from the album are “Emotion” and “These Are My Friends.” Both of these songs are very smooth and easy-going, making them some of their better songs. Overall lovelytheband is a very amazing band and should be given a platform to show their true potential with new music.

My third artist is Paramore. This band is also an alternative group with sounds varying from pop to softer music. 

  • Their most recent popular song “Hard Times” is definitely one to make you shout the lyrics at the top of your lungs in the car. 
  • My personal favorite song of theirs is called “Idle Worship”. It’s a very energetic song and always makes me turn the volume up loud. 
  • Another one of their more popular songs is called “Ain’t It Fun”. This song is full of energy and like most of their other songs, it will always make you want to blast it on full volume anywhere you go.

Add these to your Spotify or Apple Music playlist, and don’t be afraid to stray away from your normal genre choices. Go outside the box and you might find something that you will actually enjoy.