Freshman Orientation: Welcome To West Class Of 2024

Freshman were given the chance to get ready for their first day back to school with a safe tour of West given by Trojan teachers and themselves!


Photo by Anna Saunders

Students and Parents walk around the school while being given a tour from one of the teachers at West.

Katelyn Lewis, Editor in Chief

Before students and their parents could enter the school, they were stopped to get their temperature taken. (Photo by Anna Saunders)
Our Principal, Mr. Paschal, directed people towards counselors to pick up their schedules and wait for their tour to begin. (Photo by Anna Saunders)
This is where students picked up their schedules and a map of the school. (Photo by Anna Saunders)
One of the tours leaving the cafeteria and starting to make their way around the school. (Photo by Katelyn Lewis)
Coach Sullivan and Coach Tutterow stop to speak to their group of students and parents. (Photo by Katelyn Lewis)
There is new tape that is put on the floors to help keep everyone socially distanced. (Photo by Katelyn Lewis)
Mrs. McKenzie giving a tour of the school. (Photo by Anna Saunders)
Ms. Chellie waiting to say hey to all the new students at West. (Photo by Anna Saunders)
Coach Reeves leading new students around West. (Photo by Anna Saunders)
As the tour concluded students were given a binder with some Trojan goodies inside. (Photo by Katelyn Lewis)