Artists You Aren’t Listening To But Should Be

If you’re in need of new music, worry no more! I have chosen a few artists that are well worth a listen!


Photo by Katelyn Lewis

Listening to music can help brighten anyone’s day. Take a listen to some of these songs and maybe add them to your playlists.

Katelyn Lewis, Editor in Chief

Finding new music can be hard, but luckily I spend most of my time doing just that. There are a lot of different artists out there making it hard to listen to all of them and pick a favorite. So I’ve gathered some artists who I think are worthy of a listen.

My first artist is Ashton Irwin. He’s a part of a band you might have heard of, 5 Seconds of Summer. The drummer wanted to express himself as an artist and decided to release his first solo album.

  • My first song choice from the new album is “Skinny Skinny.” This song has a great message talking about the pressures of maintaining a social image. He talks about his “second face” and how he tears himself up all the time. I think it’s something everyone can relate to and learn something from.
  • The next song is “Greyhound.” This song has awesome drum beats, partly due to his drumming experience with his band. The song itself has some great flow and fun sounds while the guitar sounds also help add to the melodic appeal.
  • My last song choice is “Scar.” The opening to this song is very interesting, sounding almost like it would be a slower song. However, this song is quite the opposite. It picks up after the intro and offers some incredible rock elements adding to the song’s charm.

My second artist choice is a pop trio called SHAED. I love them because of their soft and relaxing music. Every song creates a chill vibe and helps me to concentrate on whatever I’m doing at the time.

  • Their song “Melt” is one of my favorites. I enjoy the mellow sounds the song offers and the singer’s voice helps to create a relaxing mood.
  • “You Got Me Like” is also another favorite song of mine. This one is a little more upbeat and is fun to sing to. This one has great beats to it, making it a song to add to your car jams playlist.
  • My last song choice is “Keep Calling.” This song is another relaxing song that I listen to all of the time. I enjoy this one whenever I’m trying to work on homework or just take a nap. The song is slow and the steady sounds help add to the song’s interest.

My last artist choice is a band called Rex Orange County. I was introduced to them by a coworker and enjoyed the band’s music.

  • My favorite song is “Best Friend.” It’s an upbeat and fun song that I love to jam to in the car. It starts slow but picks up speed, making the song very energetic.
  • My last two song choices are “Sunflower” and “Never Enough.” Both of these songs are lively and are enjoyable to listen to. The buoyant sounds make both songs worth adding to your next playlist.

Hopefully, I gave you some artists to take a listen to and help add to your Spotify or Apple Music playlists. Never forget to go outside the box and find some music you normally don’t listen to. There are always new artists waiting around the corner and new music for your ears to love.