BCS Redistricting Project, Phase 2

A Zoom meeting was held to discuss the plan for Brunswick County Schools.

Jennifer Argo, Staff Writer

On December 1st, Matthew Cropper hosted a Zoom meeting with the Brunswick County School district to discuss the redistricting of schools. Cropper GIS works with K-12 school districts to develop plans for school districts.

Brunswick County Schools want to keep students at a neighborhood school; keep maximum student numbers for high schools at 1400 students, middle schools at 750 students, elementary schools at 600 students as well as keep average bus route between 60-75 minutes.

“Most of these changes are expected to take place in the fall of 2021,” said Cropper.

The meeting presented two draft options, A and B, for Elementary, Middle, and High schools. Cropper GIS developed a survey to get input regarding these options. The deadline to complete the survey is December 13, 2020.

Options A and B for Elementary Schools. (Screenshot by Jennifer Argo)
Options A and B for Middle Schools. (Screenshot by Jennifer Argo)
Options A and B for High Schools. (Screenshot by Jennifer Argo)