Opinions On The Covid Vaccine

Lets see how some students and staff feel about the vaccine


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Zoey Boswell, Staff Writer

The Covid vaccine is a two-dose injection that has been proven 95% effective at preventing Covid-19. The vaccine is controversial due to it being fairly new and there not being many studies out on it. We have gathered some opinions from some fellow West Brunswick students and staff, here’s what they have to say; 


Dr. Lori Rose has studied clinical research for 25 years, and she is looking forward to the vaccine. 


“I’m absolutely excited and 100% all for the vaccine,” said Rose. “As soon as I can get the vaccine, I’m gonna take it,” said Rose. “I think people are learning as we go and even though we’re behind on getting the vaccine to everyone, I think we are doing the best we can.”


Rose is very confident in the Covid-19 vaccine and its roll out. Rose is not concerned about the vaccine having any negative effects on anyone, but she is worried about how long the vaccine will last. 


“I believe in the vaccine,” said Rose. “I believe in the technology and the processes are there. The only thing that I’m concerned about the vaccine is we don’t have enough data to know how long it will last, especially with new strains coming about.”  


Shelia Gerald, a PLTW teacher at West, agrees that anything we can do is better than nothing. Keeping an optimistic attitude is the best way to go. 


“I think it’s the best we have right now, and we have to take what we can take,” said Gerald 


Although Gerald is optimistic about the vaccine, she doesn’t plan to take it.  


“I think I had covid before, last February I was the sickest I’d ever been,” said Gerald. “I feel like I have the antibodies against it, and I trust the immune system God gave me” 


Logan Franklin, a sophomore at West, has high hopes and is very confident in the vaccine. 

“I think that is very helpful to protect people and families and to keep it from spreading,” said Franklin. “I would definitely take it to protect my friends and family.”  

Beth Zettlemoyer, our attendance clerk at West Brunswick,  is hopeful for not only herself but for others around her. 

“It’s a slow rollout right now,” said Zettlemoyer. “I’ve heard a lot of people that are eligible for the vaccine are having to drive hours away to try and get the shot.” 

After this slow process picks up and Zettlemoyer is eligible, she does plan to receive the vaccine.


 “I will take the vaccine because I’m diabetic, which is a high-risk factor,” said Zettlemoyer. 

Although Zettlemoyer plans to receive the vaccine when she can, she does question the vaccine’s efficacy.


 “Will it work is my biggest concern?,” said Zettlemoyer. “Will this put a stop to Covid like the polio vaccine did for polio?”


Overall, Zettlemoyer is hoping for the best turn out.


 “I just miss smiling faces,” said Zettlemoyer.