The New Solar Charging Station At West

Check out the first ever solar-powered picnic table in the courtyard!

Zoey Boswell, Staff Writer

In January, 2021 Brunswick County’s three traditional high schools were introduced to a new solar-powered picnic table with solar paneling, wireless charging, and Wi-Fi hotspots. 


So what is this?

The fancy picnic table you see in the courtyard is the newest solar powered charging station with a Wi-Fi hotspot. The table is made completely from recycled material with the goal to promote natural resources. 


Where did this come from? 

This charging table was donated by Schneider Electric when they decided to partner with BCS in 2017 to start the self-funded energy project. The schools were presented with the opportunity to receive the table and West Brunswick gratefully accepted. 


Why do we have this? 

The goal of the solar-powered charging station is to provide self-sustaining ‘green’ energy from the sun. By their expectations, this machine will save Brunswick County Schools $23 million dollars.

“I hope that teachers can use this as something teachable that’s on campus” said Paschal. “Hopefully we can use this for learning what green energy really is.”


What’s next? 

It’s too early to say if more of these will be added to our school. 

“We can imagine that something this new can be fairly expensive,” said Paschal.  Schneider Electric says the tables are the first of several smaller tools to come.