Men’s Lacrosse Mid-Season Check-in


Teagan Coley, Online Director

The West Brunswick men’s lacrosse team is looking forward to a comeback season. After last year being cut short due to COVID-19, they hope to make up for lost time and they have high hopes that they will achieve their goals. 

 “Losing our season last year really made the team and I value each game as if it’s our last,” said Senior Ryan Wagner. “We always make sure to go out there, have fun, and make the most out of it.”

Due to safety protocols, the Trojans never know if a game could get cancelled at the last minute due to someone having to quarantine on their team or the opposing team. At any point during the season there’s a chance that they will have to pause for a COVID related circumstance.

“It sucks having to worry about the possibility of things being canceled for COVID,” said senior Myles Hansen. “We do our best to make sure an incident like that doesn’t happen because we don’t want to miss games or practices midway through the season.”

Last season, the men’s and women’s lacrosse teams expanded their conference in an attempt to ease the level of difficulty.  Due to COVID, they had to switch back and are only allowed to play local conference games this year. 

“Switching back to playing the Wilmington schools was probably not the best, but I’m just glad to be playing games,” said Wagner. “We surprised ourselves though and definitely played them tougher than we expected. It helped us to recognize our growth as a team.” 

After the loss of nine seniors, the Trojans hope to pull back together and succeed as a team. Last season, the seniors contributed to the team a lot, but the Trojans are hopeful that they can make up for the loss by working hard and getting closer as a team. 

“This season has been great for us so far,” said Hansen. “We were able to beat South as well as run with some of the Wilmington team, and we are getting a lot out of each practice and game.”

A lot of the team also plays travel lacrosse together during the off-season to keep practicing and bonding as a team outside of school. This will hopefully benefit them throughout this season by adding extra experience to all the players resumes. The team most of the athletes played for -The Shamrocks- is run by the same coach that is over the West Brunswick lacrosse team, leading to a better bond between the players and coaches. 

“I played travel lacrosse, and it helped me get ready for the season by getting game reps in,” said senior Joshua Russ.

Aside from all of the obstacles the men’s lacrosse team has had to endure, they hope to improve from last season and progress forward as a team. Their primary focus is to make it to the furthest of their ability and support West Brunswick pridefully during this 2021 season.