Breaking Records in Stride


Campbell Cheers, Staff Writer

Junior Henry Smith breaks school records as he races for the finish line. Smith broke his own personal record and the school record with a time of 17:11 in the 5k on October 30th. Henry started running at the beginning of 2021 and has already made great strides in this short time.

Smith’s new year’s resolution was to run a mile a day.  As he ran more often, his mileage went up and his time shortened.  His main goal was to get into good physical shape.  He now goes on 8-20 mile runs.  As he runs, he will listen to music or tune into an audiobook. 

“I am definitely a long-distance runner,” said Smith. “I do not like short distances (sprinting around the track) or runs that range from under a mile. A lot of people on cross country or in general can beat me in a sprint as I have distance over speed. Endurance is my biggest strength, so long-distance definitely suits me the best.” 

Smith enjoys running longer distances because that is what he has practiced for almost a year now. He says it is a peaceful way to relax and get his mind off of things.  It pulls him away from reality, therefore he has time to reflect in the middle of his runs.  It is as if he escapes reality and goes into a personal mindset. 

“I am also looking to implement cross-training methods into my routines, such as biking and swimming, to prevent injury,” said Smith.  “I will be joining the swim team to cross-train and also for my triathlon training (Swimming, running, and biking to all equal 26.2 miles).”

Smith is looking into branching out and trying new things. Doing more physical activities will keep him in better physical shape.  Henry is continuing to do things that will help him achieve his personal goals.  Participating in these other physical activities, he plans to push himself to the same extent so he can balance each sport out and get similar results.   

Henry Smith is a living example that anything is possible. He shows that if you put your mind to anything, keep a positive mindset, and keep a routine in the process, anyone can achieve your personal goals just like him. 

“I started running at 15 years old on January 1st, 2021. Proof, anybody can do it!” said Smith.