Spring Break Plans 2022


Campbell Cheers, Online News Director

Spring break is coming around the corner, starting after school on Thursday, April 14th. Many students are getting excited and making plans in and out of state for the annual break. Spring break feels like the soft-introduction to summer, which means people start doing summer activities.

“Fun things to do around here is go to the beach if it’s warm enough,” said Chloe Ward. ”Spending time with your friends and family leads to going to Myrtle Beach and just riding around in your car listening to music jamming out,”

Since there is a week off of school, traveling for some people may seem more appealing than staying in town. Traveling can lead to big decisions and fun times. It is good to go visit new places and explore.

“I’ll most likely either go to Charlotte or Atlanta to get a tattoo,” said Syhanna Brown. “Then I’m going to try to go to a concert, go to the beach, and make sure my prom dress fits,”

Living in a small town leaves some students feeling like there is nothing to do. Being coastal influences our likelihood to go to the beach, but meeting up at parks, and enjoying the outdoors can happen anywhere in town.

“I like to go to the beach,” said D.J. Norwood. “I like meeting up with my buddies to get a good game of basketball in or maybe even football,”

Spring break potentially leads to impulse decisions. Being smart and safe while having fun is the best way to go.