The Environment We Create is a Reflection of Our Mind

The Environment We Create is a Reflection of Our Mind

Photo by Olivia Hewson

Olivia Hewson, Staff Writer

Environments influence a person’s mood and work ability through little things like messy rooms when you are upset and clean homes when you’re excited. 


What the human brain presents will be reflected through physical movements and actions. Therefore emotions can reflect the areas you stay in. Those reflections will allow everything to change around us. For example, when you are unfocused you tend to lose your train of thought and lose items until your thoughts and emotions change. 


Junior, Paige Gethers mentioned that she has had many experiences, between the environment and herself, coordinating. 


“When it’s a rainy day then everyone around is all sad, mopey, and sleepy, including me,” said Gethers. “That’s an environmental change that affects me a lot.” 


Most people tend to experience this mental-environmental connection within nature, according to Gethers.


This is a primary source of the changes the environment can have on emotions and vice versa. It also proves the point of emotions being connected to the world around us. Major tragedy can cause global sadness in the same way that oversleeping can affect your day negatively. These events and perspectives can change emotions drastically.


Gethers also showed an interest in the way people influence our environments and mindsets. She stated that people around her can influence her mood and make her environment change simply with their presence. 


“We should all know and learn about our environment, it is such a big factor in our lives,” said Gethers. “The people around us can and will heavily influence that environment.”