3/10 Varsity Men’s Lacrosse VS Ashley

The WBHS men’s lacrosse team went up against Ashley High School. Read to see who won this crazy, thrilling night.


Photo by Kelsey Swain

Austin Hill, trying to make a goal for the team

Kelsey Swain, Staff Writer

On March 10th, a cold and cloudy night, along with a few rain drops, the men’s lacrosse team went up against Ashley High School. This was a tough and long game for the Trojans but in the end, oh wait, keep reading and find out what happened.

At 7:01 the game begins. The stand off in the middle of the field, before the ref blows the whistle, is intense. The fire in the players eyes, shoes digging into the dirt, ready to run at any given moment. 

Ashley scores the first goal of the night, making the Trojans wake up and realize what they’re up against. Unfortunately it was not enough of a wake up call, at the end of the first quarter, the score, 8-0. Ashley had strongly pulled ahead. 

Ashley scores the first goal in the second quarter, quickly followed by the Trojans scoring their first goal of the night. The coaches began to worry as the second quarter went on and called a time out. All serious faces along with yelling, in the huddle. Will this be enough to get the Trojans back to charging?

Even after the pep-talk, Ashley pulls away hitting 10 points in the second quarter! Leaving the Trojans behind in the dust. Ending the second quarter, 10-1. Ashley. 

In the third quarter, Trojans were still trying to hold on strong but falling quickly. Nothing much happened in this quarter till three minutes to go. The Trojans pushed and in doing so, scored a point! Making 10-2. Is this a comeback we’ve all been waiting for? Ashley sees the Trojans got too much hope in their eyes after that goal and pulls away. Ending the third quarter 13-2. Ashley.    

Things aren’t looking good for the Trojans as they enter into the fourth and final quarter. The fires in the Trojans’ eyes are dull and the plays aren’t going as fast, making Ashley score the first goal. Ashley scores the next goal, the next goal, and the next goal. 

BEEP! There’s the buzzer for the fourth quarter, meaning that the game is over. Sadly Ashley goes home in a screaming victory, while the Trojans walk to the showers without smiles on their faces. 

When I say this was a hard game, this was a hard game. A few yellow flags thrown, a few hurt. This was a tough game for the Trojans to face, but do you know what’s so good about the Trojans? Let’s make today the best day yet! Meaning we’ll get ‘em next time and we’ll beat them ten times harder than they did. We are the Trojans, we are ONE WEST!