3/28 Special Olympics

The annual Brunswick County Special Olympics were held on Tuesday, March 28th at Town Creek Park.

Lauren Nelson, Editor in Chief

The annual Brunswick County Special Olympics were held at Town Creek Park on Tuesday, March 28th. Students, faculty, and volunteers across the county look forward to this event each year. Many passionate volunteers worked together to put the event together and make it memorable for all of the participants. 

The event started promptly at 10:00 am. Each school was announced and everyone cheered to see who could be the loudest. The cheering competition was followed by speakers, one of which was the dean of Brunswick Community College. After he spoke, awards were given out to schools and people in the community.

After the opening ceremony, the participants started making their way to their events. The first round of events was the standing long jump and the softball throw. Each student was assigned two events to participate in for the day. The kids competed, while also cheering on their peers while they competed. After the end of your group was done, the kids would make their way to a tent to receive their ribbons. Each student got a ribbon for either first, second, or third place.

In between events, students had the opportunity to walk around and experience the other activities that were set up. The activities set up were things like cornhole and balls to pass around. There were tents with bongo drums you could play and a table to make friendship bracelets or play board games. There were also two Disney princesses, Cinderella and Belle, that you could meet, take a picture with, and receive an autographed card.

The second round of events, West Brunswick’s students competed in were races. There were two options, either the 100-meter run or the 100-meter walk. West students competed fiercely against each other in these two events. After they were done, they were awarded either a first, second, or third-place ribbon. The students enjoyed lunch, more activities, and then went back on the bus to school after a fun-filled day.