4/6 Varsity Women’s Softball VS Hoggard

Our Varsity Softball team went up against Hoggard and put up a good fight before spring break.


Photo by Kelsey Swain

Sophomore Kaylee Williams ready to hit the ball.

Kelsey Swain, Staff Writer

When everyone else was enjoying spring break, our softball team had one more task to complete. Our ladies had to take care of business on the diamond against Hoggard. The Trojans came ready to fight but so did the Vikings. Everyone put up a good fight but in the end West went home with a loss.

Hoggard showed up ready to play and it showed on the field. Hoggard scored the first run and after that, they just kept making it to home plate. West tried their hardest but Hoggard kept making contact with the ball.

We scored a few runs and Hoggard saw that as a problem. Hoggard’s next batter was strong and hit a home run, cheering as she ran around the bases. West called a time out and talked up a new plan on the mound. But Hoggard kept scoring one after another.

Our ladies tried their hardest but at the end of the night Hoggard went home in a screaming victory, 24 to 4. Even though West lost they all still had a smile on their faces and laughter spread across the field.

Thank you to Tori Ellen and Evan Ward for helping me get all these amazing pictures.