Playoff Bids

Three spring teams have claimed their spots in the playoffs!


Being county champs is great, but these three teams get an opportunity to win a much bigger title.

Amadis Levasa, Staff Writer

Getting the news that you’re going to the playoffs is a fantastic announcement every team wants to experience. Three of our spring teams got to experience the remarkable feeling this spring season after officially claiming their spots in the playoffs: women’s lacrosse and soccer, and baseball. Through their hard work, they can continue their fight to win the title of something much bigger than county champs. 


“I think since we made it to the playoffs, it’s a big accomplishment for us,” said lacrosse player Joelle Cerneka. “We’ve persevered and gotten through it and came together as a team throughout the years. I’m super excited to play another game and keep practicing this week, and I’m just glad we’re still out there.”


Claiming a playoff spot takes work. Every game these teams faced was the difference between whether they got into the playoffs or if their season was officially over. Perseverance is one of the most important traits a team must have to succeed. 


“I feel like as a team we’re a closer group then most teams are,” said baseball player Trey Steagall. “We get along better, and if any of us were to ever have a problem with each other we’d drop it so that we don’t have any issues.”


Working as a team is the biggest advantage any sports team has. You are trusting your teammates, sticking together, and supporting each other. You’ll always have a better chance of winning if you come together and play as a team and not just as individuals. 


“We’re going to keep training,” said soccer player Maddie Richardson. “Just having a correct mindset of where we’re going next.”


Although it is prodigious to be in the playoffs, you can’t let up. It is crucial to step your level up in the game more than it was in the regular season. Preparing and working on things that need to be fixed before the next round significantly impacts if you continue on to the next game or get knocked out. The practicing and grinding doesn’t stop until you win that championship.


“I think we’ve done really well considering that when we first played the teams that we needed to win against to get into the playoffs, we ended up losing against them,” said Richardson. “I think that we’ve definitely improved throughout the season. We got the win against South so that we could go to the playoffs so it was just an incredible feeling to have.”


The Trojans have fought long and hard this season leading up to this moment. They plan to work even harder than in their regular season and win that title everyone craves. It won’t be easy, but they will succeed with their perseverance, teamwork, high spirits, and determination.


“We’re making a deep playoff run, no doubt.,” said Steagall.