The Music That Defines Us


Photo by Olivia Hewson

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Olivia Hewson, Staff Writer

Music is a very intricate form of expression, and it gives life and purpose to many people around the globe. Generation Z has brought a new wave of music culture into the spotlight that is beginning to define our generation. The genres that have boosted into the spotlight are Indie/Alternative and Rap/Hip Hop.



Indie and Alternative music have been on the rise since early 2020. The majority of the genres consist of experimental music and independent artists. Without influences from record labels or other music industry workers, Indie/Alternative artists create their work, which can expose a more artistic and relatable view to teenagers. With the use of technology and social media, these independent “bedroom pop” artists can further boost and promote their music. Therefore, many teens have started gathering appreciation and a preference for the two genres.

Artists in the Indie/Alternative scene: 

Mac DeMarco: Canadian singer-songwriter who became popular among teens for his indie psychedelic songs and songs for the “hopeless romantics.” He has released six full albums. DeMarco has 10,000,000+ monthly Spotify listeners to date. Many teens who listen to his music become influenced by aesthetics perceived as mainstream.

Tame Impala: Kevin Parker, Australian multi-instrumentalist who became famous around the early 2010s from his album “Currents.” Parker’s music became popular amongst teens for its psychedelic appeal. He has released four studio albums. Parker has 19,600,000+ monthly listeners on Spotify to date. 


Rap/Hip Hop

Rap and Hip Hop originated in NYC in the 1970s and have continued to grow ever since. Rap music contains rhyming and rhythmic speech backed by a beat or track. Rap/Hip-Hop music allows artists to express themselves and reveal their true identities, words, and actions. This genre of music is very expressive, with its compositions akin, are compelling teenagers. Rap/Hip-Hop has appealed to younger people since it rose in popularity.

Artists in the Rap scene:

Kendrick Lamar: Kendrick is an American rapper, songwriter, and producer. He is notable amongst teens for his conscious expositions. Lamar has released four studio albums and has done work for the Black Panther (2018) Movie. He has 32,000,000+ Spotify monthly listeners to date.

Drake: Canadian rapper, songwriter, and actor. Drake’s popularity arose because of his style of being able to mix rap and pop into one song/album. Drake also talks about his feelings and some relatable drama that teens can reside too. He has released seven studio albums and three compilation albums. He has 68,000,000+ Spotify listeners to date.

Interested in the artists listed above? Check out the link to the Spotify playlist here with all of the tunes that I thought defined them best!