3/21 Varsity Women’s Lacrosse vs North Brunswick

The lady Trojans battled the North Brunswick Scorpions this Tuesday on the home lacrosse field.


Photo by Kelsey Swain

West team lined up on the field listening to the national anthem.

Kelsey Swain, Staff Writer

The women’s varsity lacrosse team showed what they could do on March 21st. Their hair was flying in the wind as they ran the ball to the goal. The grass got kicked up as they picked up speed throughout the night and the golden hour made everyone’s eyes shine.

During the first quarter, West kept scoring one after another. Again and again! The crowd was going wild. The team was running faster and faster. The points started to rack up.

At the end of the first half, the Trojans were pulling ahead. 10-0!


Both teams put up a good fight. Knees got banged up and there was blood. But they all kept fighting for a win. Everyone was out there just trying to have fun. North Brunswick did end up scoring, but don’t worry, that didn’t get the Trojans down. It made them stronger. The points started to click on the scoreboard, the yellow lights continuing to flash.


North got worried and put the ball in the net, but the Trojans stayed strong and made them play harder. Screaming on the field as they ran and the fans cheered even more.


The scoreboard made a loud noise, yelling “game over!” Cheers spread across the field and hugs all around. The game ends, 16-4 Trojans! This game was thrilling and fun to watch. The handshakes at the end were peaceful and calm. North and West were both grateful that they got to play, even if only one could walk away with a victory.