Pitch Perfect

Anna Frazier, a senior on the Trojan softball team, has been playing all four years of her high school career, as well as her whole life. Following in the footsteps of her mother and father, she started playing at the young age of four years old and began her pitching career at twelve. Her family’s last name carries a legacy in her old town, Eaden.

“My lucky number is eight because that was my dad’s number when he played,” said Fraizer. “He has always been my go-to throwing partner and taught me everything I know while alongside my mom.”

Frazier has set a personal record of a 62mph pitch. During the pitch, she injured her shoulder and has not been able to hit this record since. With time and healing, Frazier has been determined to work her way back up to this speed. Not a day goes by where she doesn’t put her all into becoming the best version of herself.

“What a week looks like for me is 14 hours on the field and 14 hours in the weight room,” said Fraizer. “That’s a total of 28 hours a week of my time being dedicated to softball,”

Frazier has committed to becoming a Quaker at Guilford College as she continues her softball career in the near future. Guilford softball is in NCAA Division 3. She hopes to shape her future into becoming a pro softball player, playing in the MLS as a pitcher.

“Pitching wasn’t my original position,” said Frazier. “When I first tried it, I didn’t think it was for me. Shortly after, when I was twelve, I instantly fell in love as I gave it another shot and it’s been my passion since.”

Not only playing school ball, Frazier also participated in rec ball, local league, and travel ball. As of now, she plays high school ball and travel ball. In her opinion, travel ball is her preferred environment in the belief that school ball is more uptight.

Frazier enjoys all that softball has given her, including opportunities to mentor others.

“Recently I helped out a local rec ball team, ” said Frazier. “I went there in hopes to boost their confidence and teach young kids around the same age I was when I started pitching.”