What’s New, New Year?


Emely Olmedo, Staff Writer

Ending a year is like finishing another chapter in your life, especially ending 2020. With many rough patches the past year, we all want to start this new year differently with different intentions. Last year, we learned not to take things for granted as our favorite events, sports and celebrations, and even some of our loved ones all slowly started to get cancelled or taken away from us. With the many challenges that we went through in 2020, there is a collective desire to make 2021 better.

 “My new year’s resolution for this year is to stay treating myself and keep on working and making money,” said junior Colby Willetts. “I want to continue to keep doing good in school as well.”

At the beginning of each year, people often tend to set goals and resolutions to better themselves for a new start. Perhaps not even resolutions but goals and achievements they would like to accomplish. 

“I want to focus more on my classes this year and pass them all, so I’m able to graduate,” said junior Karla Teran. “I want to treat people the way I would like to be treated; if you have that mindset going, I think that can really change a person.” 

Whether someone’s resolution is big or small, everyone has a way they want to make a new year better than the last, especially after ending a rough year. By setting resolutions or intentions, this is a way we can better ourselves when entering a new year.