Trozone Possibly Growing

Ashley Norfleet, Social Media Manager

Student sections have always been a part of high school culture. Basketball games, and football games, students all around the US gather in the stands of those athletic events and cheer on their friends and classmates. West Brunswick students have created their own named student section: the “Trozone.”


“Trozone is West’s way to show their creativity, humor, and general fun side,” said Megan Ybarra, “All while simultaneously supporting their school.”


Trozone is known for being at basketball and football games but why does it stop at those two? If students are showing love then the student body should be at almost every athletic event. Basketball and football are West Brunswick’s two “main event” sports; they are in opposite seasons, which makes it easier for everyone to show up to both. Volleyball and soccer would most likely be the next sports to have Trozone attend, because of the space that the stands hold. 


“I think more people would show up if volleyball and soccer were a popularly attended sport,” said AJ Meares, “The sports just need more people to show up and the teams need to do better; then possibly Trozone would move onto them.” 


Sports like lacrosse, soccer, and volleyball would thrive with a student section. The only problem is the season in which the sports are played. Lacrosse and Women’s Soccer are when the weather is starting to get warm, Men’s soccer is when school starts so it’s in the peak of North Carolina heat. Standing on the bleachers with the sun in your eyes wouldn’t be too enjoyable, but maybe we can make it work. 


“Soccer would be very hot to attend,” said Kenzie McDowell, “Though, I think that Trozone should be at every sport because the support would make the girls and boys play better.”


Trozone has a big impact on how our student-athletes play. With it being limited to only two sports we can only see how the support of peers affects the players of those two sports. Basketball and football are West Brunswick’s two strongest winning sports, could having Trozone show up to the lesser improve their playing ability? Maybe if we show our love and overall belief in the rest of the sports such as baseball, softball, lacrosse, soccer, track and volleyball then they would excel. 


“I think we would play better with a student section,” said Zach Steagall, “I would love to see some other support out there.”