What It Means to Be a VSCO Girl


Breanna Trudeau, Online Director


And I Oop….. SKSKSKS. Know anyone who makes these trendy remarks? If so, a VSCO girl may be near.

 “A VSCO girl is a trend of how people act and dress that came from the app VSCO itself which is a picture editing app where it’s just a bunch of girls who started dressing in a certain way, and people thought it was cute, so it became a trend,” said junior Elizabeth Norfleet.

Not everyone is aware of what a VSCO girl is, and parents might scratch their heads and remain clueless as to what it may be. Though some might dress like them, that does not mean they are one.

When it comes to oversized t-shirts, Hydro Flasks, scrunchies, and Air Force Ones, teens are written off as VSCO girls. Though some teens may have the same items as these trendsetting girls, not everyone has the intention to be one. For some, it’s a comfortable style, not worth a second glance. For others, this trend is becoming an aggravating cliche.

“They have influenced fashion definitely out here, like more girls are wearing big t-shirt and Birkenstocks have gained popularity,” said Norfleet. “And it’s just like a common joke to the school–not that the trend itself is a joke, but people understand that it’s kind of like an inside joke in our generation.”

Not only do they wear these clothes but they’re all about saving our environment, especially the turtles, you might even see some with their metal straws when they go out to eat at restaurants or just anywhere really. So not only did they impact our schools but they are impacting our environment because once people see them do this other people follow along and agree that we should save our world.

“They’re usually very nature-oriented, so they like love the environment and usually try to promote like no pollution and turtles,” said senior Olivia Fish.

Some of the signs of a VSCO girl are not new in this community and this generation.

“Most people around here already kinda dress like that because we live near the beach,” said Fish. “VSCO girl branded it.”