Reyde’s Reads: The Viscount Who Loved Me


Reyde Jones, Staff Writer

The Viscount Who Loved Me by Julia Quinn


“And then there was Kate Sheffield.

The bane of his existence. 

And the object of his desires. 

All at once.” 

Viscount Anthony Bridgerton has sworn off love, only planning to marry as a business deal. He’s made a list of the qualities his Viscountess must possess: she must be smart and reasonably attractive, but most importantly he must not fall in love with her. This seems like a foolproof plan until Kate Sheffield walks into his life. To Anthony, she’s insufferable, countering everything he says and ignoring his commands, much unlike any other woman he has ever met. The problem is, he just can’t seem to stop thinking of Kate. Trying to ignore these feelings, he plans to marry Kate’s younger sister Edwina, the perfect Viscountess candidate. That has proved to be slightly difficult though since he requires the blessing of the person that hates him most. Which Sheffield sister will steal the affections of this cold-hearted rake?

If you are looking for a new regency-era romance novel, this is for you. Anthony and Kate take enemies to lovers to the next level and it is simply amazing. Fans of the Netflix series Bridgerton will love this deeper look at “Kanthony” and the chaotic Bridgerton family we all so deeply love.