Spooky Scary Thespians


Photo by Erika Jimenez

Trey Thompson lurking over Jaimere Green during a performance of, "The Dentist", from the Little Shop of Terrors.

Erika Jimenez, Art Director

Jamie Davis singing “Prepared” from The Lion King.
The 4th period ensemble doing the Time Warp Dance from Rocky Horror Picture Show.
Derayasha Lewis and Aiden Faulk singing their hearts out to “When You’re an Addams”, from The Addams Family.
Mrs. Negron’s 4th period ensemble looking at Kathlin Bishop, as Carrie, in shock after getting pig’s blood poured all over her.
Kathlin Bishop as Carie singing “The Destruction”, from Carrie while her peers laugh and make fun of her.
Kathlin Bishop, as Carrie. using her telekinesis to choke her peers as revenge.
Kathlin Bishop, as Carrie, looking down at the peers she had just smothered.
Elyse Velez “The Pitiful Children” ,from Be More Chill , brainwashed and out of it as ever.
Jamire Green and Zoe Wilson as they dropped to the ground after an amazing performance of  “Time Warp” , from The Rocky Horror Picture.
KAthlin, Trey, Ciarra and Trinity during the pep rally in Heathers The Musical.
Kathlin, Zoe, Elyse, Lindzey after taking a Squip, activated by Mountain Dew, brain washing them all.