How To Make Someone’s Day

How To Make Someones Day

Bella Little, Staff Writer

Mental health has been at the forefront of everyone’s minds; the stress of every day life seems to weigh a little heavier lately, and recognizing the universal struggle is more important than ever. It’s fair to say that we all get bad days and need some sort of encouragement.  At times it’s hard to even know what to say, so here are a few ways to brighten someone’s day and make today count: 

Compliment the Unexpected

I am sure most people get complimented on the same things over and over again. When you notice something that to them is unexpected, they will remember that specific compliment much more than a regular compliment they hear all the time.

“Normally, how I make someone’s day is I compliment something they normally wouldn’t think they’d be complimented on,” said sophomore Grace Gundrum. “If I know they have a certain insecurity, I will compliment them on that to build up their confidence.”


Hold the Door

Everyone appreciates the door being held for them and it’s such an easy gesture that means a lot. 

“I would make someone’s day by being nice,” junior Trinity Clark said. “Maybe opening a door for them, especially if I see that their hands are full.”


Interact with Them

There’s nothing better than the feeling of being noticed. I personally love when people start a conversation with me, or ask me how my day was. 

“I ask them how their day was, interact with them, and always make sure they don’t have any down time,” junior Kyndel Johnson said. “I would give them the good side about something and pretty much just make them smile.” 


Be There to Listen 

Sometimes we just need someone to talk to and feel like there’s no one who will listen. You can be that person, let someone know you are there for them, whenever they need. 

“If something is obviously wrong with someone and they are willing to talk about it, be there to listen,” said sophomore Alex Nesbitt. “Letting them get something off their chest will make them feel so much better.”


Get Them a Meaningful Gift or Treat

Showing you care enough to think of them will make them feel noticed and appreciated; this will automatically impact their day in a positive way.

“To make someone’s day I would maybe buy them their favorite candy,” sophomore Riley Bergeron said. “So they can know that they are noticed. They wouldn’t expect it either.” 

It’s a great feeling knowing you impacted someone in a positive way. Doing simple things like this can make all the difference.