Europe Turning West


Foreign exchange students transfer for new opportunities and experiences in another country. They strive to get an outlook on what else other schools have to offer and what’s different from their home country. We have two foreign exchange students this year: Anna from Spain and Maelle from France. 

“I want to experience American life and learn the culture,” said freshman Anna Mayoral. “When looking back at school in Spain, it is very boring there compared to the schools here.” 

Mayoral claims that students are more involved in their schools in America rather than in Spain. In Spain there are no after school activities or sports. Here, Mayoral has the opportunity to get in a routine and find things she enjoys.

 “I have always been a shy person and kept to myself,” said Junior Maelle Doreau. “Now that I have the opportunity to do Cheer and JROTC. I feel like it has helped me become more sociable.” 

In France, there are five typical core classes: Literacy, Numeracy, History, Geography and a Foriegn Language which is usually English. There are more elective offerings in America, allowing students to branch out and seek interests. Students often find extra curricular activities as a way to step out of their comfort zone and try new things.

“I am here alone, but I am happy here,” said Doreau. “The relationship with my family here and my family at home is different but in a positive way.”

Being far away from family and loved ones can be hard. You have to learn to control yourself, take care of yourself and be responsible for your own actions. Lots of things in life happen that are unexpected, but it is also a learning curve. 

“This overall experience has been life changing,” said Mayoral. “It has helped me grow as an individual and become a better version of myself.”