Prom Trends 2022


Campbell Cheers, Online News Director

Last year and the year before, Covid dramatically changed prom; it was canceled in 2020 and moved on campus in 2021. Now that Covid has died down some, prom is back up and running off campus, and prom season is in full swing, with people locking down hair appointments, renting tuxes, and buying dresses left and right.

Trends this year for the perfect prom dress include figure-fitting, having a slit, sparkles/sequins, full length, mermaid style, and the color green. Finding a dress could be stressful if you are trying to filter all of these factors into one dress. Going around many places looking for a dress that meets all the requirements and especially finding the size you need.

“I’m wearing a shimmery v-cut with a slit on the bottom,” said Madeline Pigott. “While getting my dress, I tend to follow the slit trend and all the glitter. Definitely, the color was influential,”

Most people this year are going for their hair up. This could be to show off an open-back dress or because you wouldn’t want your hair touching your back and neck when you get hot. Half up half down is also making an appearance. With makeup, some believe it is a “go big or go home” moment. Natural makeup is always a go, but some girls like to change it up with a statement and choose a full-glam look.

“I’m wearing a tight, simple light gold dress with an open back that gathers and rhinestones on the front,” said Morgan Bellamy. “I’m not wearing makeup, but I’ll probably end up doing a slick pony,”

Most people think that prom is all about the perfect dress, but what about that perfect tux? For guys, wearing a traditional black tux could be just enough. Spicing it up with a colored bow tie and fun socks can give you that pop of color you need. Wearing a colored button-up with a matching fun tie could be another option. For tuxes, there are three pieces, all black, colored, slim fit, modern and classic. Slim fit seems to be the move this year.

“I have a gray tux with a dark tie that is a three-piece suit,” said Salvatore Sardella. “I didn’t follow any trends because it’s a family tradition that we’ve passed on with suits.”

Some may want to stand out for their originality, and others want to be trendy. Following the 2022 prom trends or not, you are still going to find the perfect dress or tux that makes you feel good about yourself to allow you to have a great time at prom.