Softball “Runs” in the Family


Ava Babson, Staff writer

Sibling rivalry is very common, but have you ever heard of cousin rivalry? Kaylee and Macy Sellers have been playing softball together ever since they were little. From T-ball days to high school ball, they are continuing to play together. 

“We played at Olsen Park,” said sophomore Kaylee Sellers. “It was my favorite park, and I loved our jerseys. It was the farthest we’ve ever had traveled to play together.” 

Balancing school, softball, and family can be difficult. But for these two girls, they pushed through it to make it an easy experience. Since their family would always go to support them at their games, the competition was just like being with family for the two. 

“Balancing family time was not hard at all,” said sophomore Macy Sellers. ”It was really easy because we would ride back and forth to games and because that’s all we did, we got to spend a lot of time together.” 

Halfway through middle school, Kaylee Sellers had to transfer from Cedar Grove to Shallotte Middle, meaning for the first time since T-ball, Kaylee and Macy would join the field as rivals rather than as teammates.

“I moved middle schools in the 7th grade, ” said Kaylee Sellers. “So we had to play against each other in middle school ball and then we played against each other in travel ball later on.” 

Macy and Kaylee Sellers reunited in high school and wouldn’t trade it for the world. They love playing together but also liked the experience of being rivals. They are now both continuing their softball career together.