How To Be A Fangirl

If you’re looking for ways to bring out your inner fangirl, this is just the article for you!


Photo by Katelyn Lewis

Music is one of the many ways to find your next obsession!

Katelyn Lewis, Editor in Chief

Do you know a girl who is obsessed with a specific celebrity, band, show, movie, marvel superhero, or even book character? Well if you answered yes, you are looking at a fangirl. These girls (and sometimes boys) are very dangerous, and you should probably speak to them with caution, especially if you are talking to them about their favorite obsession. However, if you need to learn how to become a fangirl for any reason, here are a few tips.

1.Find your obsession

In order to become a fangirl, you must have something or someone to fangirl over. This is a crucial step in becoming a full-on fangirl. There are many different ways to find your next obsession: TikTok algorithms, suggestions on social media, listening to music, and reading tons of books or comics. 

2. Declare your fandom

Let’s say you have found the celebrity that you want to become obsessed with. Every group of fangirls goes by a specific group name. For example, if you have chosen Harry Styles, you are now a Styler. Oh, you chose Taylor Swift? Well congratulations: you’re now a Swiftie. Maybe you love the Harry Potter books: if so, you can call yourself a Potterhead. Whatever you decide to fangirl over, there’s a fandom for you and a title to go with it.

3. Social Media

Since you have declared what fandom you would like to be a part of, now it’s time to follow your celebrity’s account or whatever else you decided to obsess over. Get on all of those social media platforms and press that follow button. If you’re feeling extra fangirly, turn on the post notifications while you’re at it. Then, maybe find some fan accounts and show your fandom some love by following those too.

4. Facts

Once you’ve followed all possible social media accounts, now you can start finding out all those details. This is an important step because if you somehow find yourself talking to another person in your fandom, you need to make sure you understand them. Spend your time watching behind the scenes clips or interviews, and then make sure you know important things like birthdays, their favorite color, and (of course) their dating history.

5. Decorations

Well, you’re too far in to turn back now, so you might as well buy anything and everything related to your obsession. Amazon and Etsy are some of the best places to find fangirl gear. Maybe even look at that celebrity’s website for merch as well. Then once everything is bought and finally shows up at your doorstep, decorate! Make sure that if anyone comes into your room, sees the stickers on your laptop, or the pins on your backpack, they won’t have any trouble knowing who you stan.

6. Odds and Ends

So now that you have truly immersed yourself into the fangirl lifestyle, here are some other things you can do to help boost your fangirl personality. Music playlists are a great way to advertise your fandom. Make sure that the playlist includes your obsession or songs that remind you of them. Buying merch that also shows your love for your fandom is another big fangirl move. Last but definitely not least, annoy your friends and family about your obsession. Don’t let any conversation go on without slipping in some type of reference to your obsession, or reminding them how much you love them. This is a great way to show off step number four. Also, remember that it is okay to be a fangirl of a couple different fandoms, it can be fun.

If you feel that you are a fangirl, don’t hide it, embrace it. Everyone has a little bit of fangirl in them; it may not be as prominent as yours, but it’s there. Most importantly enjoy the fun of it: connect with other fangirls. You might just meet your next best friends.