Slime Making a Comeback?

2016 fad never left for some people.


Campbell Cheers, Staff Writer

A 2016 slime trend still affects many to this day.  Making and selling slime was a popular hobby back in the day that almost everyone participated in.  Even today, slime accounts and businesses are still going. 

“I love slime because it gives me something to do and is fun to play with,” said sophomore Grace Gundrum 

The different types, smells, colors, and additives make each slime unique.  The variety also pulls people in and increases the chance they will make a purchase of someone’s slime.  

Butter, sparkle, crunchy, glossy, and fluffy is all examples of the different types of slime.  They are made with different ingredients. The most commonly used ingredients are glue, shaving cream, and contact solution. Adding extra ingredients to the slime will determine the type you are creating.  

“My favorite slime is fluffy slime because it is the best kind to play with and there is nothing in it in the way when I touch it,” said Gundrum. 

The way slime businesses draw attention is by looks. Business owners add extra decoration on top and have bright color options. They also have intriguing names that make them sound better. 

The typical age group to play with slime is kids, but people of any age can benefit. Some use slime for fun, and some use it as a stress reliever. Some people even say slime helps with depression, anxiety, and ADHD. 

“Playing with slime helps me relax and calm down,” said Gundrum. “It also helps me stay focused and is a great thing to fidget with when I am stressed.”