“The Adam Project” Review


Angelica Giaquinto, Staff Writer

On March 11, 2022 the new sci-fi hit “The Adam Project” was released on Netflix.

The time-travel Netflix movie “The Adam Project” has two main characters: Future Adam, portrayed by Ryan Renolds and Current Adam,  portrayed by Walker Scobell. The first part of the movie shows how Current Adam is bullied for being smaller than everyone else in 2022. Then when Future Adam arrives, everything starts to change. 

Time travel paradoxes and mistakes ensue. The two Adams go on an adventure to find Future Adam’s wife, Laura, and a lot of unexpected events happen on their journey, such as battleship dogfights, finding lost loved ones, and much more.  One question still remains to this film though: Do Adam and Laura remember any of their past or future afterwards?

Viewers are trying to comprehend the answer to this question, but nothing is for certain. Will they end up remembering, or does everything that happened that day just disappear from their minds?

After watching the movie, I can tell you it is totally worth your time. It has everything: action, sci-fi, and love. The acting is endearing and the movie leaves you smiling.