4/25 Varsity Women’s Lacrosse VS New Hanover

Our lady lacrosse team went up against New Hanover on senior night and, sadly, the last scheduled home game of the season.


Photo by Kelsey Swain

Senior Lauren Nelson, running down the field.

Kelsey Swain, Staff Writer

It’s senior night, the last scheduled home game of the season. Our women’s lacrosse team is ready to hit the turf and battle it out against New Hanover. Both teams are having fun on the side of the field, waiting for the game to begin. Waiting to see who will win on this special night.

New Hanover brought their A-game and scored the first goal of the night. After that New Hanover kept scoring one after another. Until senior Lauren Nelson got West it’s first goal, shortly followed by senior Macie Coley, giving West another point. Showing what the WBHS seniors can do. Making the score 4-2, New Hanover.

The whole night it was back to back. New Hanover would score a few, then West would score a few. At the end of the first half, New Hanover still pulling strong. 5-2.

After half time, West got their heads in the game and quickly caught up with New Hanover, tying up the game 7-7 within 7 minutes. But sadly New Hanover pulled away once more and West didn’t have time to catch up.

New Hanover left loud and proud, with a ending score of 12-8. Our lady Trojans tried their hardest but they still left with their heads up, especially the seniors. Proud of their teammates, proud of their team. Not too proud that they lost, but proud of the team they have become. A team that doesn’t give up without a fight, a team that’s grown to be more than a team. But a family.